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Welcome to itunes_avatar
a community for discussing Avatar: The Last Airbender epsidodes viewed through iTunes. With the recent addition of Avatar to the iTunes TV video lineup this community was created to allow members to discuss Avatar as it is downloaded to the computers and iPods. This is a spoiler filled community and as such it is viewable by members only. You MUST be a member in order to view and take part in the discussions on iTunes Avatar. If you do not wish to know what goes on with Avatar: The Last Airbender before it airs on Nickelodeon then this community is not for you. If you do wish to discuss things as you view them on iTunes and wish to post things free of cuts and spoiler warnings then this is the community for you. Here you can post to your hearts content all the spoiler filled information, theories, and images before your friends on other communities see and discuss them. You may also post spoiler-rific icons and image manipulations and questions about issues with your iTunes or iPod viewing of Avatar.


  1. DO NOT post any episode discussions, images, or icons in other Avatar communities until the day of the episode premire on Nickelodeon. Episode discussion and image posting guidelines can be found here.

  2. Be respectful of the other members in this community. Common courtesy and commin sense go a long way so please use both.

  3. Do not swear within the community. We realize iTunes and iPods can be frustrating things at times so please leave the swearing at home.

  4. Credit any images you post into this community. Let us kow where it came from because we might want to check out that place too.

  5. Please place any large image posts over four images behind an lj-cut. Spoiler-rific icons and image manipulations are welcome to the community.

  6. DO NOT bash anyone who does not or can not view new Avatar epiosdes over iTunes and/or their iPods. Not everyone and their brother will have a video iPod or will want to watch Avatar on the computer so please respect that.

  7. DO NOT start trouble because of an early release on either iTunes or Turbo Nick for whatever reason it happens to be up. Anyone caught complaining and starting something just because of an early release will be warned once and only once. The second offense will result in being banned perminately from the community. If you wish to complain about an early release take it to your own private journals.

  8. Most importantly have fun.

Maintainer: chibihalo    E-mail: chibihalo2[at]gmail.com

Moderator: avatard06


With Avatar premiring on iTunes before it premires on Nickelodeon discussion of the episodes and posting of graphics is allowed within the community starting the day each new episode is released. However, discussion of the episode is not to leave this community until the appropriate time. Here is when you can safely post discussions, images, and icons for each new episode.

  • Episode discussions can take place in communities like Avatar Fans starting the Friday night of the new episode at 8pm Eastern time. Please check the community first before making any new posts about the episode and use lj-cuts for episode discussions.

  • Images such as screen captures can be posted outside of the community beginning at 8:30pm Western time. This way no one is spoiled by images from the episode. Again, use the lj-cut to keep people from being spoiled.

  • Icons made from each new episode can be posted outside of this community beginning at 8:30pm Western time. Please use a lj-cut and warn of spoilers for the episode.

Anyone who is a member of this community found posting episode discussions, images, or icons in any Avatar related communities before the episode premire on Nickelodeon will be warned the first time. The second time you are found posting in other Avatar discussion and graphics communities before the episode premires on Nickelodeon will be banned from the community. There will be NO exceptions made.