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iTunes Avatar
Avatar: The Last Airbender on iTunes
Community Welcome 
17th-Mar-2006 03:08 pm
Welcome to iTunes Avatar an Avatar: The Last Airbender community for those of us who have iTunes and/or iPods and are watching Avatar through iTunes. This community was created to allow those of us who use iTunes to view new episodes of Avatar a place to discuss what we see before other people view it on Nickelodeon. Because of the obviously spoiler filled postings that will take place within this community iTunes Avatar will be a members only community. This means you must be a member of iTunes Avatar in order to discuss and view any and all topics related to viewing Avatar on iTunes. This is to hopefully reduce the number of spoiler filled posts on other general Avatar communities and to keep the balance between those of us who wish to watch Avatar on TV and those of us who choose to watch Avatar through iTunes. This is in no way a replacement for other Avatar communities but hopefully a companion to them so we can enjoy future episodes and seasons of Avatar how we the fans choose to enjoy them. As of this posting this community is still in the bare bones stages of life and will be finalized and customized in the coming days.

With recent concerns over non iTunes users being spoiled before the new season of Avatar officially begins the need for this community to exist was more widespread as the date of the season two premire came closer. The goal of this community is to offer people who have iTunes and wish to view Avatar that way a place to discuss things free of lj-cuts and spoiler warnings days before the episodes air on Nickelodeon. Open discussion of what members have seen and the theories they produce will be allowed. However, what will not be allowed is bashing of people who choose to wait for the episodes to air on TV. Avoiding drama is goal here on this community. We're here to have fun and to discuss Avatar. Remember, just watching the community will not get you access to any of the posts. You MUST join the community in order to see the posts, post topics, and take part in any of the dicussions.

With that said I welcome you to iTunes Avatar.

With the great need for this community comes the need for help running this community. If you'd like to help run things here please comment and let me know so that I may add you to the staff here. As of this date I'm the only staff for the community and would appreciate any help running it that I can get. Thank you.
17th-Mar-2006 10:00 pm (UTC)
Hello! I just joined! Great idea for An Avatar Livejournal Community! I'd love to help out in anyway that I can! I can't wait for more memebers to join!
17th-Mar-2006 10:26 pm (UTC)
First off thanks for joining. Right now moderators would be wonderful so if you'd like to help moderate things I'll add you to the list. If I need help in other ways I'll be sure and ask if you'd like to lend a hand.
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